Saturday, September 26, 2015

How to Get Away With Murder or, Is Law School Really that Cray Cray?

Almost done with Season 1 of #Howtogetawaywithmurder.  It's exciting, dramatic and tense, but is it realistic? I don't know about criminal court, but I don't think court procedures would be that different.

All the reviews are rave.  No doubt Viola Davis brings the acting to a higher level, but when credibility goes out the window, it's hard for me to suspend reality.  So here's my take on the show so far.

First thing I noticed were technicalities...

1.  Courtroom attire.  Women wear suits in a court room, not off-the-sleeve or sleeveless tight dresses.  It's all about presentation to the jury and pleasing a judge.

2.  Can you really present witnesses or evidence without introducing it to the other side or bringing it to the bench for a judge to approve before before being presented to the jury?  Haven't you people ever seen Perry Mason?

3.  I don't think you can introduce a motion before a judge in a hearing scheduled for another motion.   In other words, if a hearing has not already been requested on the motion, unless it's an emergency, and even then, there's protocol.

4.  Is there really that much sexing and corruption going on in law school.  Seriously?  Everybody is sleeping with each other, everyone is genius (now I know that's not true) and there are layers and layers of secrets.  Too many interesting people in one place.

5.  The smoking guns....really...Just really?  Cases dismissed before evidence is presented or examined.

This is why I don't watch law shows.  But despite this, I love me some Matt McGorry, the guy who was a prison guard  in Orange is the New Black.  He plays law student, Asher.  Without him, the show would be too dark to binge watch, as I have been doing.

So, because of Viola Davis' willingness to bare her acting soul and head, I'm going to continue to watch whatever episodes are left on Netflix

There you have it.

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