Friday, June 3, 2011

Life is Strange

M. Scott Peck was right, but he would have been just as right if he had written, "Life is Strange," instead of "Life is difficult."  I almost always have two thoughts heading in different directions at any given moment.  Sometimes I wonder if I just don't enjoy pain. 

What gets me through the disasters of my decisions is a faith in a Higher Power; a "God of my own understanding."  I know people who think this is a crutch.  Well, maybe a cripple needs a crutch. My mind wanders to wondering about atheists.  Sometimes, I think atheists are simply people who are disillusioned or don't understand God.  Others want to blame God for the actions of those with free will, including themselves.  But then, I know there are people who are neither angry with God nor disillusioned...not anything at all. They just never met God, so they don't believe in anything greater than themselves.  That, to me, is a terrifying thought. If we are the species with the highest intelligence in the universe, then the universe is doomed.

I find it interesting that a species that can only fathom small fragments of life's complexities ; what flows beneath our thin layers of skin, what electrical pulses through the small spaces in our cranium, think we are the ultimate supreme intelligence in the universe.  Then we could also say, "Life is primitive."

I don't know how I got on all this. All I was thinking about was moving closer to work and getting a fenced yard for the dogs.