Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Sometimes I wonder if the reason I'm not a successful writer is that I am not entirely honest when I write.  Fear of what others may think I mean causes me to wonder if the fatty, juicy observations and perceptions are sliced away leaving the subject matter too lean for the palate of others.

Or maybe I just suck.  Don't think I haven't thought of that.

So, let's start with my favorite subject. My dogs.  Just kidding, it's me, but they are a close contender.

So, back to me, which, if you know me, is where any conversation with me returns....

I curse like a sailor. I have since nobody could tell me that I couldn't.  I've tried to quit.   I also know I can, under the right circumstances, control the curse impulse.  I just don't have many right circumstances.

I have a twisted sense of humor.I gravitate to others that do.

I'm not trying to write an autobiography here, just trying to dump a little honest black on white.

Maybe I can start anew.  Maybe I can write.