Friday, September 2, 2011

Draft-Children's Story

Children’s Story-Untitled

“The stories told of old,
Which terror doth unfold
Of shadowless lands and darkness deep
And endless nights when man doth weep..”

“Are you scared?” Haven asked closing the book.
“I’m not scared!” Shouted Arth, a little too loudly.
“What are they about?” inquired Skye, wide-eyed.
Haven whipped wildly around, hands grotesquely clawed, his long blond hair flying around his head,  hissing loudly, “MONSTERS!!!”
Both children ran from Haven screaming and laughing but Haven’s smile faded when their backs were turned.  He knew there were such things as monsters.

Haven walked Arth and Skye down the path beside the black rock, onto the valley floor, besides the Blue Water River back to Dathanlan. They were of the Dathan clan and not Haven's.  Haven had no clan and he had no memory of ever having one.  He enjoyed Arth and Skye when he came through , but they were so young and their energy so powerful and undisciplined that he was eventually glad to be taking his leave, so that he could rest for a while. They demanded his constant attention and would accept no less.

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