Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DATING SUCKS! (or Everyone I'm Attracted to Is Way Above My Pay Grade)

Dating sucks.  I just want to meet someone, fall in love, move in and live happily ever.  Hell, I heard it's been done
About a long time ago, I decided not to date for one year. I made that decision because my brain and spirit have opposing views on attraction and worthiness. 
One year went by, then two. During the second year, I was a little lonely, but decided, hell, I made it this far, I knew I could make it another one. Three years went by,  four, five, six, then seven years passed.  Sometimes I wondered, where was this magic man for whom I waited?  Eight years went by. Maybe he was traveling from another state? Then nine years passed.  
Sometimes I wondered, is there something wrong with me? Am I ugly? Is my character so bad that God wouldn't burden anyone with me? I'm a good girl, where is my reward? 
Finally, after nine long years of vascillating between loving the single life and patiently waiting for that someone who together we would fall in love  mind, body, and soul,  I began dating. Yep, someone I actually liked  asked me out! Thanks to the time I had to myself, I now know what I want out of a relationship and what I can and should not compromise on.Now that may sound arrogant, but everybody should have that criteria, in my opinion. 
Unfortunately, although I like this person, he is not the right one for me. . Previously, I would have held onto him for as long as possible, because he was the only one who asked me out in more than nine years. I'm not even sure I would have turned anybody down if they ask me after year two, but I realized, that if being single was/is my destiny, I have a great life by myself.  It would really take someone special to convince me to give it up. So I'm going to continue to live  and love  my single life.  When loneliness pays me a visit, I'll remind her of all the love that I have for and from my family,  pets,  friends, and co-workers, and I want for nothing.

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